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Welcome to SGA! We’re a matchmaking rescue, not a shelter. We’re kind of like a "" for the pet world, and review your application for the best match for you, your home, activity level, and lifestyle. We work on urgent and non-urgent cases, mostly dogs and cats. Making a match can be a grand affair and so enriching!


Adopt fees go 100% to the animals, period. We are tireless, and employed elsewhere, so this is our volunteer passion. The funds are critical for and spent solely on the animals, mostly for medical. We will happily show you which other animals your funds help, so you can see what impact you make. Our funds are frequently in great arrears and always are seeking additional sources to help ensure we can continue to rescue. Euthanizing healthy animals is unnecessary and it is our sole mission to save them.

 Please complete the application and email to for the SGA team review. Adoptions are finalized (the pet legally becomes yours) only after home and reference check, fulfillment of microchip and spay/neuter (if not already done), and adopt fee payment. We remember each of our animals and will never tire of photos and stories, and enjoy building that with you.

Dog/Cat Adoption Application

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