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We appreciate the news you send us. This form may be used to submit information you would like published in The News-Journal. Please review guidelines for news releases at the end of this form.

(You may also use this form to send legal notice information.)

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News Release Writing Guidelines

* Ensure you answer these questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

* Unless you’re quoting someone, don’t editorialize. Examples:

    The guests enjoyed a wonderful meal. 

    This was the best event we ever had.

    Everyone was thrilled at the speaker’s comments.

    The speaker is the best commentator on education in the country.

* Always provide names – first AND last – of people in photo captions.  The News-Journal will not run a photo with first names only.

* Don’t use courtesy titles: Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith

* How to express time: The meeting will be held from noon to 3 p.m. 

* Don’t be surprised if your news release is edited, sometimes heavily.

* Do not emphasize with bold, italics, exclamation points, all caps.

* The lead (first) sentence should contain the most important information in the story:

    “The Hoke Civitan Club named Bob Smith its Citizen of the Year Thursday.”

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