Halloween Contest Entry **Closed**

It breaks our heart not to see the usual parade of children in our office this year, but we're overwhelmed with hurricane recovery coverage and need to ask your help with our annual contest. We're going ahead with the event, but will accept entries using this form. Next year...we'll be back with in-office photos!
Enter the News-Journal Halloween Contest Here
Attach a picture of your child using these guidelines to ensure the best quality:
• Take off any face masks so that your child's face is visible. You can slide the mask up if you want, or have the child hold it beside their face. Faces are what photos are all about and must be visible.
• Try to take the photo in plenty of light. Step outside or take the picture with the child lighted by a window. Make sure the window is NOT behind the child.
• Get close! Send head and shoulder pics. In cases where the whole costume must be shown, be sure to get as close as you can. Fill the picture with the costume.
• Don't use a distracting background. The plainer the better.
One entry per child. If photos are really poor quality they won't be included in the publication. Must have parents' permission to include entry. **Deadline extended to Oct. 26 at 5 p.m.**
Permission *