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Fall 2015 Early Arrival Request

Early arrival requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis.  If your fall assignment is in a building that is open during summer 2015, a decision on your request may be delayed until after August 1, since move-out information on the room's current occupant will be required in making a determination. Click for Summer II open buildings.

There is an early arrival fee of $250 that will be assessed.  That fee will be waived if you volunteer during move-in.  Fall Move-in at Northeastern is an exciting time, but it takes many people to make it all happen smoothly.  Please sign-up to volunteer by clicking here.

Move-in support services, including bins, will NOT be available for early arrivals coming in before the regular fall move-in dates (August 31st, September 3rd – 6th).

Lastly, check the Dining Services website for available dining halls and hours, as they may be limited depending upon when you plan to arrive. The fall semester dining plan will begin on August 30th.
Please note: Summer II runs through August 25th. For requests to arrive before that date, please email Special circumstances will be considered. This type of accommodation will NOT incur the one-time early arrival fee, instead summer term housing charges will be pro-rated.

Contact Information

Move-In Information

I indicate by signing here that I have read and understand the information included related to early arrival for Fall 2015.  I am requesting to arrive early.  If approved, I certify that I will occupy only one bedspace within University Housing. 

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