2017 NU Intern Housing Application

Submit this form to apply for Northeastern University's
"NU Intern Housing" summer intern housing program.
To be eligible for NU Intern Housing, applicants must be...
                      1. 18 years of age or older
                          at time of move-in,
                      2. Enrolled as a matriculated student
                          at an accredited college/university,
                      3. Employed in an internship
                          or supervised research program.
Detailed information about NU Intern Housing can be found here.
Northeastern will inform applicants of next steps via email
once their applications have been processed.
Email summerhousing@neu.edu with questions or concerns.
PLEASE NOTE: Step 6 of this application requires the uploading of two documents and one photo:
one document evidencing enrollment as a matriculated student at an accredited college or university,
one document evidencing employment in a structured internship or supervised research position,
and one photo for use on a Northeastern-issued photo identification card;
see below for details.

Step 1: Applicant Information

Gender: *
Expected Time of Graduation *
Are you Northeastern student? *

Stop filling out this form!
NU Intern Housing is not available to Northeastern students!
Instead, please contact the Department of Housing & Residential Life
for information on how to apply for summer housing as a Northeastern student.

Will you be working for or at Northeastern this summer? *
Who will be paying for your summer housing? *
How many total meals will IIE be purchasing for you? (Select 0 if you're opting for the stipend.) *
PLEASE NOTE: payment for such meals must be received before they can be redeemed; such meals are redeemable at open Northeastern University dining facilities only.
How did you hear about NU Intern Housing? *

Step 2: Emergency Contact

Step 3: Arrival & Departure

NU Intern Housing is available May 21 to August 12, 2017
and intended for stays of at least 4 weeks in duration.

Step 4: Housing Preferences

First Choice Housing: *
Second Choice Housing (if first choice is no longer available): *
Would your stay require any special accommodation-- e.g., for a disability or medical condition? *
Would you like information on how to purchase a monthly pass to an on-campus parking garage? *

Step 5: Roommate Considerations

I give permission for Northeastern to disclose my name and email address to my accommodation co-residents. *
PLEASE NOTE: since you selected “No,” you will not receive your co-residents' contact information either.
Would you like to request to be housed with another NU Intern Housing applicant? *
1. Personal Hours *
2. In-Room Living Habits *

Step 6: Required Documentation

Applicants must provide written verification of enrollment at an accredited college or university; such written verification must be in the form of a degree audit, an official/unofficial transcript, a class schedule, or a letter/email confirmation from a school advisor.

Applicants must provide written verification that they are taking part in an internship or a supervised research position in the Boston area; such written verification must be in the form of an official hire letter or an email confirmation from an employer/supervisor.
Participants in the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program must provide written verification that the Institute of International Education will be paying for their summer housing. Such written verification must be an Academic Training Authorization Form or a BSMP Summer 2017 Financial Confirmation letter; no other form of written verification will be accepted.

Applicants must provide a photo in accordance with these specifications to be used to create a photo identification card. Accepted applicants are issued such a photo ID card (called a Husky Card) upon arrival; Husky Cards are used to gain access to NU Intern Housing residence halls and various other facilities on campus.

Step 7: Terms & Conditions

Any individual living in a Northeastern University facility must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the University's expectations, as stated in the Guide to Residence Hall Living and the Student Handbook.
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Furthermore, all participants in Northeastern University's 2017 summer intern housing program must review and agree to the Summer Intern License Agreement.
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