Graduate Assistant Application

Northeastern University
Department of Residential Life
Graduate Assistant Application

Thank you for your interest in a Graduate Assistant position for 2015-2016 academic year! We offer various opportunities for graduate students within the Department of  Residence Life. You are highly encouraged to visit our website ( to review the individual position descriptions, including qualifications, job responsibilities and compensation. These positions offer a wide range of applicable skills and experiences related to many career fields.

Please note, all candidates must submit to a criminal background check: paperwork will be available at time of offer.

Applications are being accepted for all positions. However, please note there may not be a vacancy at the time of application. If a confirmed vacancy arises, you will be notified of your application status.

To be considered, submit the following:

1) Completed application

2) A current, typed resume with relevant skills and experiences

3) A cover letter, detailing your interest in the position


Contact and Educational Information

Are you/will you be, at the time of hire, a FULL TIME (9 or more credit hours, in a degree granting program)  graduate student at Northeastern University?


Cover Letter/Resume Upload


Application Submission

Thank you for taking time to apply for a Graduate Assistant Position with Northeastern University's Department of Residential Life for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Please email Assistant Director for Residential Life Ryan Anderson ( with any questions.
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