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The Safe Zone Training is the next step of training offered through the LGBTQA Resource Center.  Following LGBTQA 101, the Safe Zone Training provides a deeper look at the LGBTQA community both on campus and off, with special emphasis on LGBTQA history, theory, and student experience at Northeastern.  Participants will work in small groups, reflect on videos and case studies, and hear from a panel of Northeastern students about what the climate is like on campus.  At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to sign up to receive a Safe Zone Sticker and be a registered Safe Zone.  The goal is to give participants the tools they will need to assist students who are coming out, as well as create a more inclusive and supportive environment. 

LGBTQA 101, part of the LGBTQA Resource Center's Training program, is a pre-requisite to participation in Safe Zone Training.  For more information on LGBTQA 101, including how to attend one, please visit the LGBTQA Resource Center's website.
All trainings will take place from 9 AM - 1 PM on the date listed.

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