To be considered for a Kent State University School of Art Scholarship, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible.
In memory of two outstanding KSU painting faculty members who perished in an auto accident in 1974: One $2000 award to an outstanding graduate student, two $1500 awards to outstanding undergraduates in any major, based on a portfolio of 15–20 works of drawing/painting.

Student Information

Artwork Upload

Upload a portfolio of 15 different works. For some works, you may wish to provide additional images to show detail(s) but no more than 20 images in the finished portfolio. Portfolio must be submitted as a single, multi-page PDF document. Maximium image size is 1024 pixels on the long dimension.
An easy way to build the PDF document is to make a Keynote or Powerpoint slideshow and then use the “Export” command to save the slideshow as a PDF. Maximum file size of PDF is 10MB.

Each slide should have the following information: 1. FIRST AND LAST NAME 2. Title of Work 3. Materials 4. Course 5. Instructor.

Click HERE to download a portfolio example in PDF Form and click HERE to download a pre-formatted Powerpoint portfolio template.  If you need technical assistance creating your PDF, contact Tom Mahon at


Application must be attached to portfolio or essay. All individual pieces (items not submitted in a portfolio case) must be clearly marked with your full name. Any artwork not properly labeled will not be considered. If you would like to photograph your work for submission please contact Mark Schatz for an appointment in the photo studio. 

Questions? Contact Michael Loderstedt:
Deadline: March 17, 2014 4pm

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