Miller Outdoor Season 2025

Matinee Performance Application

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Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 5:30pm. Organizations that do not meet the minimum qualifications as outlined on the website will not be evaluated.
Please be sure to read our application guidelines on our website before you submit your application.

Only nonprofit organizations, designated 501c3, are eligible to apply. Please contact if you have any questions.

Is this organization a fiscal sponsor for the producer/production? * 🛈
Are you an independent producer?
Will the Producer/Producing Company be primary contact for this project? 🛈

Marketing and Outreach

Required Attachments

REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS – The application is not complete without the following attachments.

  • Financial statements showing activity for one year--most recent year available
  • IRS Determination Letter

Financial Information

Please use the provided template. You can find the template on our website or by clicking HERE.
Providing event insurance is currently not a requirement for producing a show at Miller, however we are in the process of reviewing our policies for the 2025 season.

Program Summary

As a reminder, MTAB does not fund the following:
  • Pre-production costs of a show that will have a life beyond the Miller Outdoor Theatre. For such shows, MTAB will fund only an appropriately pro-rated share of pre-production expenses.
  • Activities that do not take place on the MOT main stage.
  • Programs whose primary purpose is religious or political.
  • Festivals, recitals, or pageants. Only festivals funded in 2022 may re-apply. Festival funding by MTAB pertains only to the performances on the Miller Outdoor Theatre main stage. No activities may begin prior to 6:00 pm. No vendor booths are allowed.
  • Performances or projects which primarily serve as a fundraiser. (ie. concert gala, performances with fundraising pitches throughout, etc.)


MTAB accepts applications for the following types of programs at Miller Outdoor Theatre:

THEATRE – projects or organizations which present or produce theatre or musical theatre.

MUSIC – projects or organizations that produce or present classical music, new music, contemporary music, chamber music, early music, jazz music, non-classical music, blues, and popular music including orchestras, opera companies, vocal ensembles, concert bands, etc.

DANCE – projects or organizations which support dance performances including ballet, modern and avant-garde, ballet folklorico, folk, ethnic, and jazz dance styles, historical dance companies, and collectives of individual choreographers.

FOLK ART – projects and organizations that present traditional performing arts that enhance public understanding of these traditions to help to sustain the vitality of the performing arts heritage.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY – projects and organizations that fuse or transcend distinct performing art disciplines and present a balance of events in two or more performing art forms.

Please provide a short summary of the proposed program or show you will be applying for. You will be asked to provide more details to follow.

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Please check all genres that apply. * 🛈
MTAB Strategic Goals

 The following are strategic goals we have set for 2025 programming.

Audience Development and Outreach – To contribute to Houston’s creative economy by building current and future audiences, with focus on (but not limited to) younger adults (-60), diverse cultural heritage, disability, and socioeconomic status. 

Cultural Tourism/Impact - To produce quality entertainment and arts programming that attracts visitors to Houston and supports the City’s efforts in increasing tourism to our area. 

Creative Economy – To support local arts organizations and city leadership in building the local creative economy by investing in local talent, local labor, and local organizations.

Impact – To invest in programs that have the maximum amount of impact possible on our community, cultural landscape, creative workforce, and economy. 

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Program Details

Date range for 2025: March 28, 2025-October 4, 2025. No Sunday performances. Matinees only Tuesday-Thursday.

Program Details

Please give as much information as you can at the time of preparing this application. All Producers must comply with ALL City of Houston and Miller Outdoor Theatre Rules and Regulations. If you have any questions re: these policies, please email Managing Director, Claudia de Vasco, at
Please base this number on past performances at Miller, your current audience reach, and other specific factors. MTAB may follow-up for details.
Please note, there are no presentations or performances allowed on stage prior to Curtain Time. No presentations or performances are allowed during intermission.
Estimated Number of Performers

Production Details

Please select all requested resources and features.

Supporting Materials

Please provide at least TWO and NO MORE THAN FOUR supporting materials. These materials are critical for new applicants) Accepted materials:
-Photos of proposed production or prior performances produced by organization.
-Link to video clips/reel of proposed production or prior performances produced by the organization.
-PDFs of marketing and outreach materials related to performances.
-Other supplemental materials or links to reflect the quality and style of the work by applicant.
-DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEO FILES. Please only provide links to videos in the space below.

Submit Your Application

CERTIFICATION BY AUTHORIZING OFFICIAL: By signing this application, I certify that the information contained in this application, including all attachments and financial statements, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and understand the GUIDELINES and will comply with all provisions if funding is received. I also understand that MTAB will determine eligibility to apply for a production opportunity using the information submitted in this application.

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