Get-Up, Stand-Up Entries 2019

Please fill out the form below and check the box next to each heat you are able to do. There's a section to include some comedy info about yourself as it's likely we'll get more applicants than there are spaces, so don't be afraid to big yourself up but do be honest! 
- You must have been performing comedy less than five years on 1 July 2019.
- To enter this competition you must be available for the final on Sat 28 December 2019.
- Deadline for entries is Monday 12 August at 10pm.
- There is a £10 registration fee if you are chosen for a heat in order to take your place in the competition. We will send you details of how to do this when we offer you your place. The entry fee goes towards the prize money, show management costs, paying the MC and promotional material.
- Each heat is FREE entry to audience members but in order to take part you must bring at least one person to support you at the gig. Alternatively you can 'be your own bringer', by attending a heat that takes place before the date yours is on (you won't be able to vote though). Ideally you'd love to come along to other heats anyway and see live comedy and who your competition is!
- We acknowledge that the 'bringer' situation is not ideal and in a perfect world hordes of people whold flock to see new acts perform. Sadly this is not a reality and we need to be realistic and use some common sense to make the nights work as best we can. We are not trying to make money on heat nights, and we do not own the venue so we see none of the bar money. We lost money running this competition last year, but we want to get new acts into the club and give them a chance to progress to our professional nights, and also the chance to win some prize money. We want acts to perform in front of a playable crowd and we feel that this is the best way to help make each night a success for all.
- Sets are 5 mins in length in the heats and semi-finals, and 8-10 mins in the final.
- The audience vote for their top three acts in each heat and semi-final, with the MC/Show Managers also judging.
- Please add the Stand-Up Club on social media as we will be announcing the heats on there.
1st Prize: £500 (£250 cash + £250 paid spots at The Stand-Up Club)
2nd Prize: £100 cash 
3rd Prize: £50 cash
For full competition details please see our website page
Good luck!
The Stand-Up Club
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