Choristers Guild Institute Scholarship Reference Form

Applicant Qualifications

Applicants who register to attend the Choristers Guild Institute may apply for scholarship funds.
Preference may be given to the following individuals:
-Those who display a commitment to children's church music and have a history and/or future plans to minister as a church musician.
-First-time attendees at the Choristers Guild Institute who pledge to attend in future years.
-Returning participants who have demonstrated exceptional work at the Institute in previous years.
-Practicing church musicians with evidence of experience in a sustained position.
Applications must be submitted by March 1st, 2017
Recipients will be notified by April 7th, 2017
Please take the time to refer an applicant for the Choristers Guild Institute Scholarship by thoughtfully and accurately filling in the information below.

Reference Information

Applicant Information

Applicant Performance

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Interactions with Children & Youth
Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Musical Ability
Conducting Ability
Use of Music in Worship