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Identity Verifications and Requests

When you received your email instructions, you may have been provided with a user ID and password.  If so, please use those to login to the "Save and Return" section of this page using the button above and to the right.  You will notice a form that you can select to "Edit" and proceed with reviewing and supplying the information requested.  If you have any questions about what should be supplied or the questions being asked, please contact us at 
Identity Verification
We ask for verification information based on the type of investor and a series of exceptions that apply to that investor type.  
To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies any one who executes a securities transaction through it.
At this time, we only need responses based on your investor type and our exceptions provided based on our initial reviews.  In some cases, the added request is because there were inconsistentcies between the data previously provided and the identity verification checks we have already performed.

Additional Verifications and Requests

For these cases, you were supplied with an email request and an error code for additional information that is needed to verifiy you meet the definition of accredited investor for regulatory purposes or to request banking information from you in order to process a return. 
Banking Information for Return Processing
If we requested that you supply banking information in order to process a return, please supply only your bank account information (for return processing) below.
Accredited Investor Information Uploads for Verification Processing
If we requested that you supply information in order to process a verification of your accredited investor status, please only complete and upload (for verification processing) the items included/metioned below.
After the review of the information and documentation provided with this request, we may need nothing further from you.  In the case we do, we will reach out to you again and request any additional information needed.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Investor Contact Information

Bank Account Information (for Return Processing)

ONLY select the checkbox below, if you are providing bank information in order for Jumpstart Securities to process a return of your investment proceeds on your voided or cancelled investment. 🛈

Accredited Investor Uploads (for Verification Processing)

ONLY select the checkbox below, if you are providing information in order to verify you are an accredited investor. 🛈

Verification Investor Type

Select the appropriate checkboxes below. Please ensure the Investor Type you select below is the same Investor Type that you portrayed in your initial subscription. This is going to be the investor type that you represent for the investment you are making. *
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