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Check Engine Light / Drivability Questionnaire

Finding out what is not working right is the hardest part. A check engine light is a warning that a particular part or a particular vehicle system is not working as designed. A prolonged malfunction situation can lead to costly repairs. We would encourage you to answer the questions below to give us a little more insight as to how and when the conditions occur. By taking the time to answer now, you may help shorten the repair process time. Your information is critical in assisting us during the diagnostic process. Thank you.

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Is The Check Engine Light On?
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Is The Check Engine Light Flashing?
Is The Vehicle Running Rough?
Are You Smelling Any Harsh Odors?
Do You Hear Any Abnormal Engine Noises? (Rattles, etc)
Is The Engine Ever Hard To Start?
Any Other Warning Lamps On?
Do You Notice Any Fluid Leaks?
Has This Problem Been Repaired Before?
What Is The Outside Temperature Like While Driving?
What Speed Are You Driving?
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Describe How You Are Driving
What Are The Road Conditions When The Problem Occurs?

File Upload Section

In this section, you can upload any additional files such as old repair tickets (not by us), pictures of fluid leaks, damage areas and you can upload an audio recording of the problem. The more information we receive the better. 

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PLEASE SIGN: All repairs are warrantied nationwide for a period of 3 years or 36,000 miles with the NAPA Nationwide Warranty. Some exceptions exists with speciality parts and conditions. We will provide you with complete estimates prior to performing your selected services. Please electronically sign below. *
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