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Vehicle Braking and ABS Diagnostic Questionnaire

Please take a moment to complete our pre-appoinment Vehicle Brake & ABS System Questionnaire. The questions below offer us insight to your symptoms, your driving habits and any previous repairs. The more information we receive that can help us locate and repair your vehicle issues faster, the more we save you time and money.

Personal Information

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Your Vehicle Information

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How We Test Your ABS System

To properly inspect, evaluate and repair any ABS braking system concerns, our technicians perform a series of tests and inspection procedures. The cost of any brake repair may vary depending on vehicle make and model, age of vehicle and the environement in which it is operated in. We've included a lists of tests and inspections that our technicians may performed. Not all procedures are always required to confirm the brake system problem. 

Our List Of Testing Procedures

A test drive is performed to verify customer complaint. If necessary, we remove all four wheels to measure each brake rotor and/or drum thickness with a micrometer.  A dial indicator may be used to each rotor and/or drum to inspect for out of round or surface variation. (this is the cause of vibration) Measurement of the brake pad and/or brake shoes, inspection of all brake hardware, springs, caliper bolts and spindles for wear, fatigue and integrity. Inspection of brake hydraulic hoses, caliper pistons and/or wheel cylinder for leaks and brake master cylinder for proper operation. Inspect power booster for proper operation, test brake fluid level and condition for moisture or copper content contamination. Use of specific software and scan tools to determine ABS Fault codes. Pinpoint testing of ABS system to determine integrity and health of certain ABS components. Test ABS system for codes and performance. Inspect parking/emergency brake for proper operation and conditions. 

Vehicle Symptoms

traction control euro
emergency brake lamp
abs lamp
red brake warning lamp
traction control light
     Lamp 1           Lamp 2                Lamp 3          Lamp 4           Lamp 5
Are Any Of These Lamps On While You Are Driving?
Does This Light Turn On While You Are:

Common Brake System Concerns

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Conditions?
Roaring Sound
Low Brake Pedal
Drifts Left While Driving
Drifts Right While Driving
Pulls Left When Braking
Pulls Right When Braking
Do You Have To Pump The Pedal To Stop?
Have You Added Brake Fluid Lately?
How Often Do You Hear Or Feel The Noise?
What Area Would You Say The Noise Comes From?
Does It Occur At Any Of These Speeds? (MPH or KPH)
 0-25 MPH26-50 MPH51-65 MPH66-85 MPH+85 MPH
Pick One
Have You Changed Driving Patterns Or Habits Recently?
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Is Your Vehicle Used For Commercial Purposes?

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