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Official New Jersey State Car Seat Fitting Station

Car Seat Fitting Information

It is required to obtain certain information pertaining to a car seat safety inspection or fitting. By completing this form, we will have streamlined the process and the time you need to spend filling out the paperwork manually.

In addition to saving time, the information you provide will allow us to search for any recalls pertaining to your car seat. We will present all findings to you at the time of the fitting.

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Beth Ammazzolorso -
Sunny Sunoco
Certified Child Safety Seat Technician

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**It is required to have your Vehicle Owner's Manual Present During Training

Child Fitting Information

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Car Seat Information

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PLEASE SIGN RELEASE FORM: I understand and agree that the sole purpose of this program is to help reduce the incidence of the improper installation of child safety seats through means of education and hands on instructions: that this training is being provided as a service to me; that this program cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety, or condition of my car safety seat or any component of my vehicle, including the seats or safety belts; and that this program and service performed by Sunny Sunoco cannot guarantee my child's safety in a vehicle collision. I understand that it is important to read and follow the instruction manuals for both the vehicle and the car seat. For these I hereby release Safe Kids Worldwide and each of the Safe Kids coalitions; Sunny Sunoco and each of its divisions, subsidies and other operating entities: and any program participants from any present or future liabilty for any injuries or damages that may result from a vehicle collision or otherwise. *
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