Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club, Inc

Canine Academy Scent Work Registation
Session 6    Oct 1 - Nov  11 ,  2023

Nonrefundable payment in full is required the first class.

All students are expected to purchase an AKC  Scentwork kit, containing all odors used in competetion.  These  are available online.  Ask your instructor to verify the correct products.
Introduction:  Class for dogs with no previous Scent Work experience.
Elements:  Class  handler's  and dog's have prior introduction
experience in Scent Work and has not competed beyond Advanced
Competition;   Dogs must be able to find Birch, Clove, Anise & Cyprus and intent is to trial
Sniff N Go    Dogs with competition experience  will run competition like setups.
     Handler may register only one dog in any Scent Work Class

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NOTE  Females in season (heat) are not allowed on the grounds or in any class. Notify your instructor of your absence.