Are you interested in making a "Maughamumental" difference in you child's school and being involved in the Maugham Community?  Please fill out the below form and indicate what events/programs you would be interested chairing.  Any help is appreciated and no time is too little.  WORKING PARENTS INCLUDING FATHERS ARE WELCOME!! 
A two year commitment is encouraged in order to assure continuity for the committee you are chairing as well as assist in training newer members of your committees as you roll off and move onto other committees.  Please also keep in mind that if you are moving onto another committee, your expertise and insight into the committee you are leaving is greatly appreciated and valued by the new current members. 
The HSA dues and fundraising programs sponsor all of these committees to enrich the Maugham school community.
At the bottom of the form you will find brief descriptions about each committee.  Any questions, don't hesitate to email
Thank you!

I would be interested in chairing one of the following committee (s) (check all that apply):
HSA Lunch Program - I can be a day chair on the following days (usual commitment is just once a month): * A day chair simply oversees lunch service and contacts the lunch committee if any issues arise that the day chair is unable to handle. The day chair is in essence a liaison between the lunch servers and the lunch committee. To become a day chair, we suggest that you already have served multiples times so you are familiar with our lunch system. A day chair's job is also to train lunch servers who have not served before. You can also chair on the day you are serving.
Can you be a Translator for those parents who don't speak English?
H.S.A. Rep / Liaison (Represent Maugham at the district level)

Committee Descriptions

ALLERGY AWARENESS AND SAFETY: This committee provides an important service to all of the children in our school, particularly those with food allergies. They provide education about food allergies to the Maugham community as well as delicious allergy-safe foods at school-wide events where food is served. 

BOOK FAIR: Maugham school holds two (2) book fairs each year correlating with parent-teacher conferences (usually in December and March). The committee chairs organize the delivery of the books, the set-up of the book fair, publicity, gathering volunteers to assist the children during the book fair and organizing teachers to select books for their classrooms. 

BOX TOPS: At the beginning of each school year, this committee supplies envelopes for each classroom so the kids have someplace to put the box tops.  They collect them every few weeks and ensure that they are cut properly and still valid.  There are 3 deadlines during the school year when you can submit them.  Maugham School gets a check at the end of each year based on the number submitted.

CAP: Chemical and Alcohol Prevention—the representative attends the CAP meeting and then attends the HSA meeting to report what occurred. 

CLASS PARENTS:  Once classroom assignments have been made, this committee sends an email to the Maugham community requesting class parent volunteers.  When all requests have been received they select 3 parents per class to serve as the classroom parents for that year.  Class parents are called upon to assist teachers with holiday parties, field trips, etc.

CLUBS: Clubs at Maugham are HSA sponsored, after-school enrichment classes that offer a fun way for students to enjoy learning or doing something new while spending time with friends.  The Club’s committee sets the class schedule for each 12 week session, coordinates online registration, oversees the payment collection and works with our treasurers to keep records accurate.  Committee members also maintain close communication with teacher instructors and outside vendors.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Community Service connects our school community to our own surrounding community through projects that benefit those in need. This committee typically works directly with our elected Student Council to organize and carry out these events.

CULTURAL ARTS: This committee selects cultural arts programs, usually in the form of assemblies. These programs are selected according to topic and are often grade-specific. The selections are made and reviewed with the HSA Executive Board and Mrs. Ferrara for appropriateness and for scheduling purposes. H.S.A funds these programs; therefore, invoices are submitted to the treasurers for payment.

If you are part of this committee you are also permitted to attend the assemblies and observe your children in this unique in-school setting.

 This committee manages our online and printed school directory.  

FALL EVENT: The fall event committee plans an outdoor fall backyard party for all our Maugham families.  The event is an HSA sponsored event that is slated for October; therefore, vendor invoices are submitted to the treasurer for payment.

FIELD DAY: The Field Day committee orders gallons of water, ice pops and cups for Field Day and coordinates the delivery to school.  They also secure volunteers and communicate with Mr. Camizzi regarding timing and rain delays (when needed).

FINE ARTS FESTIVAL: This committee works with the art teacher to arrange the children’s art work throughout the school for the Arts Festival. In addition, the committee organizes the festival which could include an assembly or other medium to expose the children to Fine Arts.

5th GRADE: The 5th grade chair position acts as lead liaison between the 5th grade families, HSA and teachers.  This chair position connects all the 5th grade sub committees back to a central place. The chair helps to coordinate and facilitate the 5th grade activities and fundraisers.

GO GREEN & STAY HEALTHY: This committee educates and implements recycling programs throughout the Maugham community.  This committee also raises awareness about relevant health and fitness issues that affect and concern our children and families.

HOSPITALITY (ORCHESTRA): The Orchestra Hospitality Committee is on-hand at all Orchestra events throughout the school year and provides refreshments during each nighttime orchestra concert.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR RECESS: This committee works with the HSA Executive Board, Mrs. Ferrara and the Maugham School teachers to determine what they need for both indoor and outdoor recess.  They check in twice during the year and place orders accordingly.  The teachers typically need paper and games for indoor recess and balls for outdoor recess.

INTERNATIONAL DAY: International Day has been a Maugham School tradition for many years. This is a 2 day event in March. One day is dedicated to performances and a lunch buffet.  The other day is for the Festival of Tables.

LOST AND FOUND: The Lost and Found Committee tries to connect lost items with their owners a few times each school year.  They work with the custodial staff and Mrs. Walsh to keep track of when bins are overflowing and owners need to be found. All items deemed ok are donated to charity if they are not collected at the various scheduled times. 

LUNCH COMMITTEE: Lunch Committee oversees Maugham’s largest year-round fundraisers by organizing the daily delivery of lunches to our school from local vendors.  The Lunch Committee works closely with vendors to determine the daily lunch menu, coordinates online ordering and payment, and also manages the parent volunteers who hand out lunches to students every day.

MAUGHAM WEAR: This committee designs, orders and sells fun Maugham School wear.  

PASET: The Parent Association for Special Education in Tenafly—This representative attends the monthly meetings with the PASET members from all the schools in Tenafly and then meets with the Assistant to the Superintendent for Special Services to gather relevant information for our students in Special Education. The representative then attends the HSA meeting to report what occurred.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: This committee works with the teachers in March of each year to update their supply lists as needed for the following year.  They then contact the supplier to get quotes and set up the online ordering system.  In late August, the supplies are delivered and the committee gets volunteers to help distribute them to the classrooms.

SCHOOL BEAUTIFICATION: The school beautification committee works to beautify, maintain and improve the exterior landscaping of Maugham school.

SPRING EVENT: The early-to-mid-June Family Fun Friday evening event. This committee organizes food, arts & crafts and outdoor games and activities. The committee must organize volunteers, publicity of the event and ticket sales—either in advance and/or at the door. 

TEACHER'S APPRECIATION MEAL(S): This committee coordinates the annual teacher & staff appreciation meal(s) during Teacher Appreciation Week.

TEACHER’S CONFERENCE MEAL(S): This committee organizes a potluck style spread for our teachers two times a year.  Once during fall Parent/Teacher conferences, and again during spring conferences.  They are in touch with participating parents prior to each event to determine which dishes will be brought, arrange for set up in the teacher’s lounge, and clean up.

TEF: Tenafly Education Fund Representative. The Representative attends the TEF meeting and then attends the HSA meeting and reports what occurred.

VARIETY SHOW:  This Committee organizes the annual Maugham Talent Show. The show usually takes place in May. Leading up to the big night, volunteers on this committee help with rehearsal schedules and coaching the students, publicity of the event and the final performance. At the final performance, the committee organizes refreshments and flowers to be sold to give the performers.

WEBMASTER: The Maugham website is constantly improving and changing. This committee can divide the duties monthly to make sure relevant information is on the website. (For instance, club information, lunch information and Maugham Events are updated as needed.) 

WELCOME NEW FAMILIES: This committee plans different projects and events to help welcome those families that are new to Maugham.  If you like meeting new people then this is the committee for you!


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