There are selections for: Subscribers, Pay online and Pay at the door.
Membership is NOT required anymore!
It is replaced by an optional Subscription service, that offers many benefits; however, we recommend you do NOT subscribe if this is your first visit, or you are unsure if you will attend regularly
If you choose to subscribe, you receive the following benefits:
Up to 20% off entry for EVERY party.
No Queuing; Just ETicket scanning at reception.
Your party place is guaranteed
flexible pricing for some parties (you choose what to pay)!
Couples can pay for friends on a single ticket (Up to 2 additional couples)
Flexible Payment: some parties, you can choose what you wish to pay, we set a recommended price and a minimum, which may sometimes be; zero, zilch, bugger all £0:00!
The Newsletter (you can opt out) gives notification ahead of announcements
and includes offers only available to members.
If you select Non-Subscriber pre-payment:
This gives you access to a party at discounted rates over `Pay At The Door`and with no commitment beyond the party you are attending.
(Dress and all other rules that govern attendance at parties apply).
Pre-payment guarantees your place.
If you are new to the Club, you may wish to attend your first party as a non-subscriber, to see if it is the Club for you!
Please note, if you choose to purchase tickets without being a subscriber, you must select the NON SUBSCRIBER tickets, in the ticket shop, or they will not scan at reception, or be refunded. 
If you select Pay At The Door
You can select below to pay at reception, but you will need to queue  and pay the Non Subscription, online price, plus £5 Couples & £10 Single Gents, but there are no penalties for non-attendance.
All `Pay At The Door` must purchase a deposit ticket which will be subtracted from the total to pay at reception.
If you need help, email; but please read all the instructions, for answers, before emailing, as we are very busy; especially on party days!