5th Weekend Special 29th & 30th March `Bad Girls` Friday `Here Comes Summer` Saturday. One Stop Party & Membership Registration

This is a 5 week month and so we have 2 extra parties for you!
Friday `Bad Girls`
 The baddest girl wins 4 FREE parties and the Runner Up, 2 FREE parties!
All you have to do is get the most (play) money from the Single Gents, any way you can;
how, do I get more than other ladies? I could not possibly say!
Single Gents, we will issue (play) money to you on arrival (First come, first served 12 players only)
If you just want to attend, but not play `Bad Girls`, thats fine;
just select `I`ll sit this one out` on the registration form below!
Friday Entry
Couples £40 all evening
Single Ladies & TV £20 all evening
Single Gents £40
£60 if registered after 6pm or entry after 10:30pm
Saturday `Here Comes Summer`
(A Summer outfit party. Dress:Beach, smart Summer Casual or Sports Wear)
If you attend Friday, Saturday is half price for Couples & Single Ladies!
Saturday Entry
Couples £20 (if you attended Friday and wear qualifying dress)
£30 with either two party discount, or dress discount
Normal entry £40 all night!
Single Ladies & TV: FREE if you came Friday and wear Qulaifying dress
£10 with only the two party discount, or dress discount.
Otherwise £20 all evening.
Single Gents £40, if you wear qualifying theme dress
Normal entry: £50 registered before 6pm & entry by 10:30pm
£70 registered after 6pm or entry after 10:30pm

MEMBERS: Please complete the short Form below to register, it does not commit you to attending, but we would appreciate notification if you can`t make it.

 Couples & Single Ladies.

Members & Newbie`s, can attend on registration only; we will contact you if there is a problem.

Single gentlemen

Newbie Gents; you MUST receive confirmation of acceptance before attending. 

Single Gent Members; you do not require confirmation, if registered before 6pm.
(we will email if there is a problem, i.e. Single Gent numbers exceeded)