2019-2020 Student Meal Plan Agreement

At Regis, our passion is creating community through food. We make more than 200 million meals each year at college campuses, workplaces, and cultural institutions that are not only delicious, they also embody core values — about from-scratch cooking, wellness, dignity, and sustainability — that we take very seriously. But that doesn’t mean eating at Regis University has to be serious. We know plenty of students who would subsist on a diet of bar-shaped foods and late night pizza if left to their own devices. We get it. But, we can offer something more: Craveable made-from-scratch meals that fit into students’ lifestyles.

Whether it’s a craving for a kimchi rice bowl, a vegan protein smoothie on the way to practice, or a classic cheeseburger hot off the grill, we’re committed to breaking the bar-shaped meal and making delicious, wholesome food that works for real life. Let us show you how.

MEAL PLAN A $2,700 cost per semester (Purchasing power $2,275 Flex Dollars) 

How I Eat? I like to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a snack for extra fuel, and an occasional coffee drink at the espresso bar.

This plan provides additional purchasing power which students can use in a number of different ways: purchasing additional meals, purchasing bigger meals or adding in between-meal snacks and beverages.

MEAL PLAN B (recommended)$2,600 cost per semester (Purchasing power $2,175 Flex Dollars)

How I Eat? I tend to eat a small breakfast and lunch, and a full dinner. I don’t snack much.

This plan is the minimum meal plan which meets the college’s residential meal plan requirement. This plan is designed to provide enough flex dollars to pay for approximately 15 meals per week, enough to meet an average student’s needs.

*Meal Plan A or B is required for Freshmen and Sophomores living in on-campus housing. 

APARTMENT PLAN $250 cost per semester (Purchasing power $225 Flex Dollars)

*Required for students living in a Regis sponsored off-campus apartment. Does not include the RVs.

We know most students that live off campus have their meal routines set: Cook a little at home (or occasionally microwave a frozen meal), order takeout, or maybe eat a bar-shaped meal on the way to class. We think we can offer you more: Craveable made-from-scratch meals that fit into your lifestyle. Let us show you how.


MEAL PLAN C $1,800 cost per semester (Purchasing power $1,375 Flex Dollars)

MEAL PLAN D $375 cost per semester (Purchasing power $337 Flex Dollars)

Meal Plans are priced on a per semester basis and are automatically renewed from fall to spring semester.


  1. LIFE SHOULD BE EASY. Just because you have your own kitchen doesn’t mean you have time to cook. Buying a meal plan means: No shopping. No dishes. No lunches to pack. No kitchen fires (hopefully). Plus, you don’t even have to carry cash.
  2. FROM SCRATCH = FLEXIBLE. At Bon Appétit we LOVE food, so we cook it from scratch. This means we can be flexible with our recipes to accommodate all sorts of dietary needs without any fuss. Vegan, Flexitarian, or Gluten-Free? We’ll have options for you every day.
  3. TIME IS...EVERYTHING. If you commute to campus, chances are time is your most valuable commodity. Eating on campus makes it easier to manage a busy schedule. Fuel up between classes, grab something on the run, and keep those extra minutes for yourself.
  4. IT’S SOCIAL. Sharing food is a perfect excuse to catch up with friends, or connect about a project. Eating on campus makes it easier to stay in touch, and easier to get things done.
  5. SERIOUSLY. Bon Appétit has made industry-leading commitments to environmentally and socially responsible sourcing. By eating on campus you know your food has been sourced with care.


Both students living off campus as well as students living on campus with a meal plan have the option of adding Flex Dollars to their card. Flex Dollars always save the 8.9% Washington State sales tax compared to cash, credit or student charges.


The cost of a meal plan supports dining services in two ways. One portion supports Regis’ building maintenance and equipment. Students spend the remaining portion as Flex Dollars, which cover the cost of food, food preparation and other service costs.


When choosing a meal plan, it’s important to consider how you like to eat. In the busy world of college life, students often spend a little more on retail items than they first expect. After years of gathering data on how students eat, we’ve learned that they typically do not eat three meals a day, seven days a week, on campus. So, Regis University meal plans are built to reflect the real life behaviors of students. The majority of students will find that Meal Plan B will provide enough purchasing power to meet their needs. The list below will help students determine if they should select Meal Plan A instead.

Do you?

  • Plan on rarely missing a meal on campus during the typical week?
  • Have a hearty appetite?
  • Have increased caloric needs due to significant exercise, sports or metabolism?
  • Plan to stay on campus during semester breaks when meals are offered?
  • Tend to snack between meals or late at night?
  • Enjoy espresso drinks on a daily basis?
  • Expect to stock up at the market for trips away from campus?
  • Tend to seek out more expensive dishes such as wild Pacific salmon & sushi?
  • Have specific food preferences which will make the cost of each meal higher?


 If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bon Appetit at (303) 458-4196 ext. 2.

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