CALC Nomination Form - National Council

1. Candidates for vacant positions on CALC's National Council may be nominated using this form.
2. Candidates must be nominated by a member of a CALC congregation (either a full member or associate member congregation) or an Individual Associate Member of CALC. 
3. Section A asks for the identity of and contact information for the person making the nomination.  
4. Section B asks for the identity of and contact information for the nominee. The nominee is also asked to answer certain questions which allow the candidate to reveal the gifts, skills,  abilities and experince he or she may bring to the position and identify his or her concerns, hopes and visions for CALC. 
5. By left clicking the submit button, both the person making nomination and the nominee represent that they have  discussed  this nomination and  have prayed about it. The nominee further represents that he or she is willing to let his or her name stand  for election to the position he or she was nominated for at the applicable CALC Annual General Convention. The nominee also represents that he or she is in full support and agreement with CALC's confession of faith and statement of purpose, is confident that in some measure God has gifted him or her for this office, and with the help of God,  the nominee will do his/her utmost to fulfill  the stated duties and responsibilities of this office should he or she be elected. 

Section A: Please provide the information requested for the person making the nomination.

8. Nominator's Status. *
9. Nomination. *
10. I nominate the nominee named in items 12 and 13 below for the following vacant position on CALC's National Council. *

Section B: This section is to be completed by the person nominated.

11. Having been duly nominated and having prayerfully considered said nomination, I hereby: *
20. Membership Status. *
0/250 words
0/250 words
30. Are you over the age of 18 years? *
31. Have you been baptized in the name of the Triune God? *
32. Have you been confirmed in a Lutheran congregation? *
33. Are you currently involved in a bankruptcy proceeding? *
34. Are you currently the subject of a proceeding relating to guardianship or conservatorship? *
35. Will you be present at CALC’s 2019 Annual General Convention? *
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