Whitman-Hanson Athletics
Sunday Basketball League
(781) 618-7433 
(First day is 12/15 at 10am)
There will be 2 divisions Class of 2020 and 2021 in one division and all others in the other division. If anyone from a younger grade would like to play up you may, just indicate on form

Student Athlete Information

Check this box if you are a member of the class of 2021, 2022 or 2023 and want to play with the older kids. Please only check this if you are of the ability level to play with older players.
The cost of the league is $65 without a new reversible. If you need a new reversible, the cost is $75.
I give my permission for my son to participate in the Sunday Basketball League at the high school. I understand that the school accepts no liability for any aspect of the program. I agree to accept all responsibility for all aspects of my son's participation. In addition, I understand that the school and the league, as well as its agents, do not provide insurance for any participants and I attest that my son is covered under my own insurance. I further agree to assume responsibility to make sure my son has been seen by a doctor to determine if he is in good health and can participate in this program. I am aware that the state guidelines are that students should be seen by a doctor every 13 months. I understand it is my responsibility alone that my son has been medically cleared to play. I agree to hold all coaches, directors, officials, the towns of Whitman and Hanson and all agents free from any and all liability at it relates to any aspect of my son's participation or involvement in the league. *