Studiocode License Reset and Replacement Form

Before filling out this form, please be 100% certain that you are submitting the correct Studiocode license to be reset. If there is any uncertainty, please locate your institution's other Studiocode licenses in order to determine which license needs to be reset through process of elimination.
Finding your Studiocode license
Lost, Stolen, or broken dongles will only be replaced by online licenses in Studiocode version 5 and beyond.
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Please list the online registration code(s) that you would like to reset. If you are unsure of the registration code(s), please do NOT guess. Regarding Studiocode registration codes: If you do not know the entire registration code, Please enter the string of digits ahead of the first hyphen. Studiocode Online registration code example: 12345-1234567-STUDIO-V5-Everywhere Organization *
Please list the dongle number(s) to be replaced with a replacement dongle. The dongle number is a 4 digit number. If you are unsure of the dongle number, please do not guess. Note: Dongles will only be replaced by Online Registration Codes in Studiocode V5 and beynod.
Please select Vosaic staff member you have been in contact with. *
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Replacement Dongle/Code Agreement

This form is for replacing stolen or faulty dongles. The cost of a dongle is $200.00 each plus tax where applicable. There is no charge if a dongle is proven to be faulty by Vosaic and no extra charge for replacement online registration codes. If system has been stolen, please provide a police report. Note: Dongles are not available in Studiocode version 5 and beyond.

Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that the faulty dongle needs to be returned with a shipment tracking number before I can receive a replacement dongle.
2. I understand that if I do not de-register online registration codes and return the replaced dongle(s) immediately, I will be charged for a full replacement system.
3. This document will act as a formal purchase order.

License Reset Agreement

This form is for Vosaic software that has been stolen, damaged or repaired such that it is unable to be deregistered. 

Terms and Conditions
1.  I will submit official documentation, e.g., police report or repair receipt, to Vosaic as a requirement prior to the reset/replacement of the registration code or dongle.
2.  I understand that if replaced online registration codes are found in use, I will be charged for a full replacement system.
3. This document will act as an official purchase order. *
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