Studiocode Annual Technical Support Agreement Form

I. Description of Service
  • An Annual Support Plan provides the ability to contact the Studiocode Support Team for technical troubleshooting questions pertaining to your Studiocode Group software.
  • Direct access to the Studiocode Support Team of experts.
  • Free Studiocode license Resets or Replacements.

II. Support Agent Availability

  • Support agents are available 6am to 6pm Pacific time
  • Any of the following communication channels may be utilized for support.
    • email
    • phone
    • sms (text)
    • screen sharing
    • iChat/Skype
    • Studiocode Support Site
  • Be aware that support agents travel frequently and maybe unavailable for certain hours. In the event that they are unavailable via phone, another agent’s contact information will be provided.
III. Response Times and Protocols
  • Support agents strive to answer every request as soon as soon as possible. In most cases, this will be within 24 hours.
  • Support agents will do their best to communicate with the customer via their desired channel of communication. However, the agent may utilize a more optimal channel.

IV. Third Party Hardware and Software

  • Third party hardware or software is defined as anything that is not a Studiocode product.
  • The Studiocode Support Team has decades of experience with third party products and technologies and is happy and willing to provide this expertise at no additional charge. This may come in the form of best practices, tips, and/or recommendations. However, Studiocode does not "support" these products, nor is liable for any damages cause by said products.

 V. Coverage

  • For organizations (and in some cases projects) that own more than one Studiocode license, an Annual Support Plan must be purchased for all of the licenses. It is not possible to purchase Annual Support for a portion of the licenses. This ensures that Studiocode can adequately deliver support to the entire organization (or team as the case may be).
  • Student licenses are not eligible for Annual Technical Support.
  • Annual Support Plans allow customers to contact Studiocode regarding matters pertaining to any/all of the licenses owned by the organization/team. However, since there needs to be a baseline of Studiocode product knowledge in order to have effective communication, only individuals that have participated in an official training or can demonstrate an adequate level of product knowledge may contact Studiocode for support.

 VI. Customer Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Without previous Studiocode product experience, customers are strongly encouraged to participate in an official Studiocode Training prior to purchase of an Annual Support Plan. This ensures a baseline understanding of functionality and terminology, which is necessary for efficient and effective support communication.
  • Customers are responsible for having knowledge of which Studiocode license is registered to which Mac computer at any given time. This is important so that in the event of a stolen computer, hard drive or motherboard malfunction, Mac OS reinstall/upgrade, or other applicable situation which renders the Studiocode license unreadable, Studiocode may perform a reset of the license as quickly as possible.
  • In cases where the location (i.e. computer) of a license is unknown, the customer will be required to submit a police report in order for a reset of the license to take place. Further, if the customer has more than one computer with a Studiocode license on it, it maybe necessary to identify the licenses on each of the other computers in order to positively identify the missing license through process of elimination.
  • If there is a turnover in staff and the departing member plans to keep a computer with a Studiocode license(s) for any reason, it is the responsibility of the customer to deregister the Studiocode license(s) before the staff member’s departure.

 VII. Annual Support vs. Training

  • An Annual Support Plan is meant to be utilized for communication regarding technical trouble shooting, one-off questions regarding functionality, or advice regarding best practices.
  • An Annual Support Plan is not meant to be used for purposes of teaching new features, deducing workflow, or extended periods of functionality training. This is meant to increase the availability of the Studiocode Support Team for urgent matters.
  • If extended periods of teaching are necessary, customers can schedule training with a Support Agent at an additional cost.
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