Registration for the The Jewish Mindset for Success Coach Training Program

Thank you for your interest in The Jewish Mindset for Success
Coach Training Program
Walk through life with resilience and strength, and learn to help others do the same.

Learn practical ways to let go of negative and limiting beliefs and keep empowering principles alive at the center of your life, using the profound Sefer Cheshbon HaNefesh Method.

R' Nivin will teach you 8 fundamental principles and practical methods
that he uses with his life-coaching clients.

Not only will you KNOW the principles for success, but you'll learn how to LIVE these principles every day - and teach others as well.

*Certification available upon completing short written tests.
As a participant of this program you'll get:
  • 16 one-hour live interactive classes by phone or webinar, where you can ask your questions, process the concepts, and participate in live workshops.
  • Recordings of each class available to listen at your convenience.
  • A learning partner to keep you on track and practice the exercises and tools.
  • A Personal Program Liaison to answer questions and help you keep on top of the material.
  • Step-by-step strategies and exercises to create real tangible changes.
  • Practical tools, insight and wisdom, from Rabbi Nivin's 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching. 
  • Guided exercises and tools based on the Ramchal Psychology.
  • A few minutes of homework to do each day.
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The Jewish Mindset for Success Coach Training Program (For Women only)
The Jewish Mindset for Success Coach Training Program (For Men Only)