Rutgers University- Camden Gender Inclusive Housing Application

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH), also commonly referred to as gender-neutral, open, or mixed-gender housing, is intended to meet the evolving needs of Rutgers-Camden students and create a more inclusive, welcoming housing environment.  Gender Inclusive Housing will allow for students of any gender identity to live together regardless of their biological or assigned gender.  The introduction of Gender-Inclusive Housing recognizes that traditional, same-gender rooms are not ideal or suitable for all students.

Students that wish to apply and opt-in to a GIH space will have the option to do so as housing contracts becoming available for the upcoming academic year.  Students that wish to live in our traditional, same-gender housing spaces will continue to have that option. 


GIH Steps for Students

  1. Submit your Rutgers Camden Housing contract online at
  2. Complete the GIH application below.
    • If you intend to fill a room, communicate with the other students who intend to live with you and make sure they complete steps 1 and 2 also.
  3. OHRL will schedule a meeting with you to review the GIH program, review room type preferences, and sign the GIH Agreement.
  4. OHRL will assign you and your roommates to available space in the Camden Apartments or 330 Cooper.


Desired Roommates
The section below is used to identify Rutgers students that you have spoken with that are interested in living with you in a GIH space.  If you intend to apply for a GIH space without having specific roommates in mind, please skip this section.  
The number of GIH spaces will be based on the number of students who apply, with the aim to have full apartments at all times. Placement into a GIH apartment is not guaranteed.  GIH assignments will consider the following:
1. Students that wish to live together in GIH may apply together and fill an entire apartment.  Each student must complete this application separetely.
2. Students may apply individually for GIH and be assigned by Rutgers-Camden Office of Housing and Residence Life (OHRL).
Please Note: This application is an individual application, not a group application. Each individual person seeking participation in the Gender Inclusive Housing program must complete an application separetely.  Acceptance into GIH is not guaranteed. Assignment is based upon space availability and review of application and program details. Because of the unique nature of each assignment the OHRL may not be able to guarantee an assignment to the specific building of your choice, but all requests will be considered. Students submitting a GIH application without roommate preferences may be assigned a room and roommates without the consideration of gender.
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