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Directions: Please complete all fields marked with an * below. Please note that the fields below for ‘Name’, ‘Title’ and ‘e-mail’ refer to the person completing this form, regardless of whether or not the person completing the form will belong to or attend the collaborative. Thank you.

Collaboratives Membership Information
Thank you for enrolling in one of CCSSO’s collaborative groups. Please note that membership in any and all collaboratives is optional and not included as part of a state’s annual membership to CCSSO. State education agencies may elect to join as few or as many collaboratives as they would like to support their staff in advancing their key priorities. Enrollment in CCSSO collaboratives takes place annually and the program year for all collaborative groups runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. There is an annual fee to belong to each workgroup that is based on the number of attendees participating in the collaborative.
  • The attendance of state member(s) to in-person meetings, including airfare booked through CCSSO’s online travel system, hotel accommodations, and per diem reimbursements allowed by the CCSSO Travel Guidelines;
  • State supports provided by the collaborative, including access to technical assistance and guidance from national experts, digital professional development resources, and ongoing collaboration with peer states through webinars and online engagement; and
  • Administrative costs of CCSSO staff to support meeting logistics and leadership.
Collaborative Membership Fees (per group)
1 Person Membership: $11,000
2 Person Membership: $15,500
3 Person Membership: $20,000
4 Person Membership: $24,500
5 Person Membership: $29,000
6 Person Membership: $33,500

Please note: You will be able to select the # of person(s) joining each collaborative on the next page.