Circle of Friends reserves the right to refuse an adoption. As the animal's avocate, we must select the most suitably matched home for each animal's emotional and physical needs based on their breed, temperament and the unique needs of each individual animal in our care.

Circle of Friends: Rabbit Adoption Application

If you rent, are animals permitted by landlord?
Is a pet deposit required?
Is everyone aware you plan to adopt?
Are there any children in your home?
Is anyone in your household allergic to animals?
What is your reason for adopting this animal?
Have you ever rehomed or returned an animal to a rescue group, animal control, breeder, etc.?
Have you ever had an animal lost/stolen?
Have you adopted from a shelter/rescue group before?
Do you or have you owned any pets in the past five years? If yes, please list below.
Where kept?
Still have?
Where kept?
Still have?
Where will this animal be kept or confined when alone? Check all that apply:
Is anyone home during the day?
Under what circumstances might you return this animal to Circle of Friends?
Will you allow a home visit by a Circle of Friends representative?

Circle of Friends reserves the right to investigate new homes and remove the animal if it is not receiving adequate care, has been mistreated, or if the conditions of the adoption agreement are not being met.