Concerned Persons for Adoption Membership Form

Welcome to Concerned Persons For Adoption!  Concerned Persons for Adoption is a non-profit organization in the State of New Jersey dedicated to the belief that every child deserves a family. CPFA is not an adoption agency, but a volunteer organization working to support those who wish to adopt, and to provide educational and networking resources to those who have adopted.  We host four social events a year, have a book club, host a spring conference and co-sponsor the “Let’s Talk Adoption”  Addtionally, we serve as a clearinghouse for news and information from all agencies and sources.  We meet at the First Presbyterian Church in Whippany for many of our events.
Thank you for using our online registration form for joining or renewing your Concerned Persons for Adoption  membership. If you have any questions regarding membership please contact me via our web contact form, or 551.208.5721.
On behalf of CPFA,
Miriam Frolow, Membership Coordinator