Fall 2022 Adults Introductory Class

Program Description

This program is designed for people who have never trained with us before.

This introductory class teaches how to properly bow, sit and stand. It also focuses on
the basic techniques of Seiyu Karate called Kihon.

September 19th to October 3rd, 2022
Each Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Downtown Dojo at 1155 Thurlow Street, Vancouver
3 classes in total
Spaces: 8 students
Class fee: $63 Tax Included.
No uniform is needed. General gym clothes such as a t-shirt and sweat pants would be fine.
Please remove all jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets when training.

Covid Safety Measures

Masks are optional. Please respect other people’s choices.
Participants must stay home when they show Covid or cold symptoms.

Refund Policy

Full refund if requested within 5 days after the first class meeting on September 17th, 2022.
A partial refund ($20/class) when a class is canceled.

Registration Information

Health Questions

Are you covered by BC Medical or any other medical insurance? *
Do you have a history of heart-related illness? *
Do you carry any virus such as HIV or Covid-19 which might infect other people? *
(For a female student ) Are you pregnant? *
Have you ever been declined to participate in any sports activities because of your health problems? *


Ages 19 and over
Nature of Activity: This general waiver will cover the Adults Introductory Class
Activity Period: September 19th to October 3rd, 2022. Each Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Location of Activity: Downtown Dojo at 1155 Thurlow Street, Vancouver BC
I have read and understood the Covid Safety Measures listed above. I hereby give my permission to take part in the activity as outlined above, and hereby agree as well and sufficiently indemnify and save harmless Vancouver Seiyu Karate and keep Vancouver Seiyu Karate indemnified and harmless of any and all demands, actions, proceedings, liability claims, damages, together with the costs and sustained or alleged to have been sustained howsoever arising from the aforesaid activity provided. I hereby authorize Vancouver Seiyu Karate to use the image of me taken during the activity in its public relations and communication materials to promote Vancouver Seiyu Karate.
Teens and Adults Introductory Class Fees *