Verification of Employment Request Form

Epic Staffing Group is a diversified staffing provider to the healthcare and bio-pharmaceutical industries.
Epic Staffing Group Companies
Epic Travel Staffing (formerly EHS)
Epic Government (formerly FSR)
Epic Life Sciences (formerly PLR and OC)
Epic Special Education Staffing (formerly Therapy Travelers)
Epic International Staffing (formerly GHP/VHR)
Epic Specialty Staffing (formerly PDC/MSI)
For employment verifications for any ESG companies, please complete the form below. EVs are completed within 48 hours. Questions: (424) 290-1019 / (424) 301-6219  or
Please be advised that there will be a $30.00 processing fee for each request and our turnaround time (TAT) is between 24-48 hours upon receiving your request/payment.
Please be advised that this type of request cater to claims and bank-related items only. Should you wish to verify dates for employment, please submit it under Employment Verification.
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