Per your facility's timesheet process, you are required to keep track of your worked hours using an Epic Timesheet. You must have your timesheet signed off at the end of your work week and attach a copy of your signed timesheet below.

Travelers are expected to work their contracted hours. If contracted hours are not met it's important to advise Emerald of the reason, please advise below: *
By submitting the attached Emerald timecard, I certify that all hours reported are an accurate record of all hours worked during the reported pay period.  I understand that if there is a variance between the hours reported on this timecard and the hours reported by the facility, I may be contacted for further clarification and/or approval. I acknowledge that per the timesheet submitted, I received all required meal and rest periods. If I did not receive my breaks, I spoke to the appropriate managers to ask for relief prior to working into my break or meal periods. Additionally, I understand that my stipend is paid out based on actual hours worked.