All sick hours MUST be entered into ADP via the tabs: "Myself", "Time Off", "Request Time Off". Please enter the dates and total amount of hours sick in ADP to be approved and processed by our payroll team. 

  • Per Sick Law, IF you are in a state with a sick policy, you will start accruing hours on your first day but will need to wait 90 days in order to use it.
  • IF you are eligible, please file all sick time in ADP via the “Myself”, “Time Off”, “Request Time Off” tabs in ADP when submitting time to Emerald.
  • Please note that sick hours are NOT subject to stipend since these are not hours worked. In addition, worked hours+ sick time may NOT exceed your contracted hours.
**If you need assistance entering sick time in ADP please click on the sick guide below:
If you are still having issues entering your sick time in ADP please contact Payroll Relations at 
Sick Policy States

Currently Emerald has a sick policy in these 12 states: 

Arizona- AZ

California -CA

Colorado- CO

Connectiuct -CT

District of Columbia- DC

Massachusetts- MA

Maryland- MD

New York- NY

Oregon -OR

Pennsylvania- PA

Rhode Island - RI

Vermont- VT

Washington- WA

Please note: COAs are able to use their sick time after satisfying a 90 day employment period with Emerald. They are allowed to use their sick time for the following reasons: one's own illness, illness of a child, parent, grandparent, domestic partner, or other qualifying member of the employee. The accrual rate is one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. (This may vary depending on State laws). Sick time is only accrued up to the max allowance per state law.
Sick time is NOT subject for stipend thus COA will still see a stipend withholding for the shift not worked. COA's hours worked plus sick request may NOT exceed contracted hours. "Pay-out" of sick time is NOT provided, however, if the COA separates employment and returns within one year of separation, the employee's previously accrued/ unused sick leave balance shall be reinstalled. Sick time accrued in one state is NOT transferable to other states.
*Please be advised that stipend is paid out based on your hours worked.