Alum Survey

Our alum mean the world to us! Thank you so much for participating in this brief survey so we can learn more about your Girl Scout experience, background, and the ways you’d like to stay in touch!

If you have any questions, please email us or call 800.695.6690.

Girl Scout History
I am/was a (check all that apply): *
Years of participation (check all that apply): *
I earned my: * 🛈
May we publish your name in our Gold Award Alliance Directory*
Do you have any family connections to Girl Scouts? *
Which of your family members are connected to Girl Scouts? (check all that apply): *
Outdoor Experiences
I went to Girl Scout camp. *
I have been hiking, camping, or participated in an activity outdoors this year. *
I feel like my outdoor experiences as a Girl Scout has led to my appreciation of the outdoors today. *
My Girl Scout outdoor education contributed to my (check all that apply): *
Community Engagement
I volunteer regularly for (check all that apply): *
I have (check all that apply): *
I feel Girl Scouts shaped my community involvement as an adult. *
My civic engagement in Girl Scouts has contributed to my (check all that apply): *
I was in the top 10% of my class and/or valedictorian. *
I have a degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). *
I use my STEM-related degree. *
In Girl Scouts, I learned a skill that is non-traditional of women (such as welding, changing a tire, or carpentry). *
As a Girl Scout, I learned about other cultures through a badge or program such as World Thinking Day. *
Habla Español or a language other than English. *
As a Girl Scout, my troop traveled to another state or country, or I participated in a council-sponsored travel program. *
I have traveled outside of the United States. *
I believe my badge work in Girl Scouts gave me (check all that apply): *
Cookies and Life Skills
As a Girl Scout, I participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. *
The Girl Scout Cookie Program was my first experience approaching new people. *
I am comfortable with public speaking. *
I have a degree in Business, Marketing, Communications or a related field. *
I use my Business, Marketing, or Communications degree. *
I believe participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program introduced me to (check all that apply): *
I am still in contact with one or more women from my troop. *
I am/was involved with Girl Scouts as an adult (leader, parent, volunteer). *
As a Girl Scout, I learned to be comfortable in new situations. *
I believe belonging to a Girl Scout troop influenced my (check all that apply): *

Personal Information



I would love to join the Alum Association! * 🛈
What kinds of Girl Scout opportunities are you interested in? (check all that apply) *
Affinity Groups (check all that apply): *
Committees (check all that apply): *
Events (check all that apply): *
Volunteering (check all that apply): *