Outdoor Training Readiness Quiz

Do you know what you need to know to take your girls on an outdoor adventure? Take this quiz to find out!

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1. Do you know how to select the best tent site when you cannot find flat ground? *
2. Can you properly extinguish a fire with a bucket of water, a shovel, and a rake? *
3. Can you name the six progressions of outdoor cooking? *
4. Do you know in what order you can place food in your cooler when transporting to your camp site? *
5. Do you know how many tubs you need to wash dishes at your campsite? *
6. Can you name one of the seven "Leave No Trace" principles? *
7. To be prepared for emergencies, do you know what information should be included in a travel packet? *
8. Do you know where to find Safety Activity Checkpoints? *
9. Can you list the seven levels of outdoor progression for girls? *
10. Do you know what questions you should ask your girls so that their outdoor experiences are girl-led? *
11. Can you name the three basic layers of clothing to pack for outdoor camping? *
12. Do you know at least two knots and their uses for camping? *
13. Do you know who you place at the front of a group hike? *
14. Have you considered all nighttime concerns girls may have and thought about how to handle them? *