Please prepare a scanned copy of your child’s birth certificate and a photo of your child (in jpeg format and under 1 MB) before you proceed. A reference number will be generated after your submission of this form. You may refer to it or your phone number in all future correrpondence with PEBBLES. 

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Pebbles Limited (Mar 2024)


Terms and Conditions

Student Application

Parents/Guardians can complete the online application via our website. A copy of your child's birth certificate and photo must accompany the application form. Your application will not be processed until we have received all the required documents.

You should receive an auto-reply with a copy of your application form if your application has been submitted successfully. You may contact us at 2769-1308 if you have any further inquiries.

We will contact you as soon as a vacancy becomes available. As we have a long waiting list, parents will only be contacted when vacancies become available. No further notification will be given.

Once your child has been admitted to our program, there is no need to separately apply for subsequent courses within Pebbles. Re-enrolment will be processed automatically. Accordingly, once your child has been offered a place in our program, regardless of whether or not you accept this offer, your application for other classes at Pebbles will be cancelled without further notice. If your child exceeds the age limit of the selected program while on the waitlist, your application will automatically be rolled over to a programme appropriate for your child's age.

Student Enrolment

Students will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis and in some cases by drawing lots. Acceptance of your application is confirmed by email only.

Upon receiving the notice of acceptance, parents are required to submit full payment of the tuition fee and one-time registration fee of $300 by bank transfer to Pebbles Ltd. at Hang Seng account number 239-512676-001.

Please complete the payment submission form within 3 working days from the date of the acceptance notification. Otherwise we shall assume that you have declined our offer and your place will be offered to another student.

Pebbles is an independent organisation. Enrolment in Pebbles does not guarantee admissions to any kindergarten or school. All admissions decisions rest solely with the school to which you apply.

Weather Arrangements

All classes will be cancelled in case of Black Rainstorm warnings, Typhoon 8 or above, any announcement of Extreme Conditions by the Hong Kong Government, or enforced closure. There will be no refund of tuition fees or make up classes in any event.

If such weather warnings are lowered or withdrawn 2 hours or more prior to the start of class, the class will resume at its regular start time. For example, if Typhoon 8 is in force at 7:00am, class at 9:00am will be cancelled, however if the signal is lowered on or before 8:00am, 10:00am class would be held as scheduled.

No Refund or Make Up Classes

Please note that tuition fee and one-time registration fee are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Make up classes will not be offered under any circumstance.

Suspension of in-person teaching

The health and safety of our students is our primary concern. We will close the facility when required or recommended by government departments or authorities or because there are material risks to the health and safety of pupils, parents and staff. In that event we will offer alternative learning modes, including but not limited to remote online lessons, and/or lessons delivered via teaching videos. Class frequency or duration may differ from in-person class schedules. We will try our best to deliver the necessary content but will not offer or provide any make-up lessons or refunds in part or whole.

Adult Participation

Each child must be accompanied by an adult, unless by special instruction from the Centre. No more than one adult can accompany each child into the Centre. To minimize disruption to the class, the same adult must accompany the child for the entire session. The accompanying adult must not leave their child unattended at any time.


To maintain a hygienic environment, all children and adults must remove their shoes and wear only socks past the reception area. Indoor shoes for children are also allowed.

Bags and Personal Belongings

All personal belongings (except shoes) must be stored in the cabinets inside the classroom.

Illness Policy

If your child feels ill or exhibits symptoms of infectious disease, please do not bring them to the Centre. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone (adult or child) if we feel there is any medical concern. Children recovering from any contagious illnesses like Covid-19, hand-foot-and-mouth, enterovirus etc., must have an original doctor's note and relevant medical testing certifying they are cleared to return to the Centre before we can allow them to return. To safeguard the health and safety of all children and parents, the staff at the Centre reserves the absolute discretion as to who it will allow on the premises and to attend class.

Mobile Devices

Accompanying adults are urged to remain fully focused on their child and actively participate in the class activities. Mobile devices must be switched off in class. Taking photos/ videos is strictly prohibited.

Personal Data

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, any personal data collected will be used solely for admissions and administration purposes. Applicants wishing to access or make corrections to their data should submit a written request to us.

Use of Images and Recordings

Completion of our application form implies consent to the use of photos, video and sound recordings of the students and accompanying adults for teacher training, marketing and promotional purposes in print, media and online, both internally and externally. Parents who do not agree to this must inform us in writing by email.

Change of Conditions

PEBBLES ACADEMY reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Parents are bound by the Terms and Conditions.

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