2020-2021 Kalamazoo County Pre-Kindergarten Application

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Pre-K registration requires filling this online form in addition to submitting some required documents.
Before you start filling out this form, make sure that the following required paperwork is ready as you will be asked to upload several files at the end of this form.
Required paperwork for Pre-K registration is as follows:
  • Birth Certificate or other proof of age
  • Verification/documentation of all family income (parents/guardians supporting child) must include the last 12 months of income:
    • Previous year tax return or end of the year W-2
    • Year to date paystub
    • Proof of receipt of public assistance/child care assistance
    • Proof of receipt of SSI
    • Financial Aid (grants, scholarships)
    • Child Support
  • Proof of County Residency (driver’s license or County ID with correct address, utility bill, lease/mortgage agreement or if currently homeless, a written letter from the shelter where you are living)
  • If your child has an IEP, please include a copy if you are able.
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