LGDEN and Breeders of Working Health Tested LGD's is a group for conscientious LGD Owners and Breeders who health test their breeding stock, have transparency about the health test results, have working livestock guardian dogs, and stand behind their dogs and puppies.

All Breeders must be approved to sell in the group. The intent of the group is for buyers to be able to easily access reputable breeders of sound working dogs.

By filling out the below form, you, as a Breeder, agree with and uphold the purposes of this group. You are also required to sign and submit the group's Code of Ethics.
Directions: Download the Code of Ethics, print and sign & date. Scan and save signed copy. Upload signed copy in the space provided below.


If you selected Anatolian Shepherd Dog or Kangal, do you have or are you planning to have, any association with Boz (Boz Shepherds)?
To advertise an individual dog in the group you must provide the following for EACH dog:

1)   Registry (AKC, UKC, FCI, Breed Club, etc) dog is registered with and dog’s registration number.
2)   OFA link to individual dog’s OFA page and/or a copy of health certifications required. All OFA health testing must be marked “Authorized to Release Abnormal Results”. Passing is not the requirement, health testing and transparency are. Dog must have a minimum of testing for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, with eyes examined by an AVCO certified veterinary ophthalmologist within the prior 12 months highly recommended, or the minimum health testing as required by the BREED CLUB’S Code of Ethics, Health Committee or CHIC certification (see "Required Health Testing by Breed" on Breeder Info Page).
3)   Working pictures or video – not posed pictures! Get pictures of the dog with your livestock – we are not looking for composition, just proof that the dog is a working livestock guardian dog. Upload video to youtube or similar site and paste URL with dog’s name in the form below.
4)   Two pictures of dog (dog may be on a leash for these pictures): one side-view and one close-up head photo. REMEMBER to put the NAME of the dog on the picture and/or as file name.

NOTE: Dog MUST have health testing done BEFORE being listed! NO EXCEPTIONS!
List your breeding dogs below - do not list altered (spayed/neutered) dogs or dogs that are not old enough for health testing. You may add dogs to this list once they have received breed required health tests. 

Please click the link "Breeder Info Page" for more information about the health tests which are required for your breed/s. If you need to submit more breed testing certificates than space allows below, please contact Deborah Reid at blackalderranch@gmail.com.

Breeders of Working Health Tested LGDs will update this list as individual dog information is submitted and approved.
Dog #1 *
 NameBreedDate of BirthRegistry & Number
1. Is this dog a WORKING livestock guardian dog? *

Dog #2
 NameBreedDate of BirthRegistry & Number
2. Is this dog a WORKING livestock guardian dog?

Dog #3
 NameBreedDate of BirthRegistry & Number
3. Is this dog a WORKING livestock guardian dog?

Dog #4
 NameBreedDate of BirthRegistry & Number
4. Is this dog a WORKING livestock guardian dog?

Dog #5
 NameBreedDate of BirthRegistry & Number
5. Is this dog a WORKING livestock guardian dog?

For more than 5 dogs please submit this form again.
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