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Order Form for Boxed Lunches

All box lunches include a wrapped sandwich cut in half (for freshness & sanitation) with chips, or a salad and fresh herb baguette. Please select the type of box lunches you desire, and place the quantity next to the sandwich. On page 2 you will have the option to purchase beverages, on page 3 you can include special instructions and delivery instructions, on page 4 you will enter your contact information, and on page 5 you can review your order, go back to make changes and then place your order. We hope you find this ordering system convenient and all box lunches will come labeled.

Sandwich and Salad Boxed Lunches

Sandwich Boxed Lunches

Turkey with Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon Sandwich 🛈
Chicken Pesto with Marinated Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich 🛈
Roast Beef & Swiss Cheese Sandwich 🛈
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich 🛈
Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich 🛈
Parisian Ham & Havarti Sandwich 🛈
Italian Sandwich 🛈
GT Chicken Salad Sandwich 🛈
Grand Traverse Club Sandwich 🛈
Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich 🛈

Salad Boxed Lunches

Cherry Chicken Salad 🛈
Chicken Fiesta Salad 🛈
Spinach with Goat Cheese Salad 🛈
Strawberry Fields Salad 🛈
Chicken Caesar Salad 🛈
Caesar Salad 🛈

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