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About An Educator’s Guide to Children’s Mental Health

This guide equips educators with the tools needed to reach all students. Includes information on what you may see if a student has a mental health disorder, instructional strategies, and classroom accommodations. Revised and updated to reflect the changes in the DSM-5.

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25 – 49 Copies: $23.95+S&H (Back-to-School Book Sale, now through September 30)
50+ Copies: $19.95+S&H (same low price)

About Children's Mental Health Classroom Activities | $12.95+S&H
Lesson plans for grades 1 – 8 that increase awareness about children’s mental health and build supportive, caring classroom communities. PLUS, activities that address different modes of learning.
About SuperMe: A Campaign to End Hurtful Teasing | $6.95+S&H
Classroom activities and curriculum to end hurtful teasing.

Designed for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.

About Children's Mental Health Resource Guide
Formerly called Survival Manual
For parents of children with mental health challenges and disorders who are living in Minnesota, this guide is designed to help caregivers navigate the multiple complex systems they may encounter when advocating on behalf of their children. This guide is also a valuable resource for Minnesota educators and mental health professionals.

Bulk discounts available!
25+ Copies: $17.95+S&H

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