21st Annual MACMH Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference April 23-25, 2017 - Volunteer Application Form

We're thrilled you're willing to help us out!
We are a small nonprofit and depend on great volunteers to help us pull off the largest child and adolescent mental health conference in the nation!
We want you to have a great experience as a volunteer, and we want to make sure everything operates smoothly with your assistance. When volunteering at the conference, you are an extention of MACMH. It is imperative that you are dedicated and committed to the duties assigned to you.
Volunteers receive FREE conference attendance - a $379+ value!
Please read this information throughly and be prepared to commit to all of the volunteer expectations prior to completing this form.
Important Details:
- Unfortunately, we are not able to accept everyone who expresses interest in volunteering. Completing this form does not guarantee you will receive a volunteer position.  
- Volunteers are selected on a first-come, first-served basis once we establish our areas of need.  Some volunteer positions will not be confirmed until the number of conference attendees is determined in April 2017.  
- If you are accepted as a volunteer, but have already registered and paid to attend the conference, you will be refunded.
- If you have any other questions or concerns about volunteering, please contact Leah Hauff, Conference Coordinator, at lhauff@macmh.org.
General Expectations:
- Attend a mandatory volunteer meeting held Sunday or Monday mornings. More details to come.
- Arrive for duties that support workshops (keynote, symposia, MHED Talks, and/or breakouts) at least 15 minutes prior to start time. 
- Dress in business casual clothing.
- Be pleasant and accommodating to the attendees.
Volunteers will be assigned one of the duties described below.

1. Convene a minimum of 4 breakout sessions.
Conveners assist the presenter with setting up the workshop, preparing materials to be handed out, introducing the session, providing assistance to the presenter during the workshop (if needed), and collecting evaluations after the workshop is complete. Conveners must stay for the entire workshop unless his/her early departure is approved by the Conference Coordinator.
2. Serve as a Door Monitor during a minimum of 6 sessions (including symposia, keynotes, MHED Talks and/or breakout sessions).
Door Monitors greet attendees, distribute handouts as attendees enter the workshop, and collect evaluations once the workshop has concluded. They are expected to sit next to the entrances and assist with opening and closing the doors when an attendee needs to step out of the workshop. A Door Monitor must stay for the entire workshop unless his/her early departure is approved by the Conference Coordinator.
3. Help in another capacity for a minimum of 6 hours.
This may include set-up on Sunday, registration throughout the conference, and other miscellaneous duties as assigned.
4. A combination of any of the above duties.
We greatly appreciate your proactivity in volunteering for this important event. Thank you for your generosity!
- MACMH Conference Team

Application Form

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