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Typical or Troubled – Mental Health from Tots to Teens

A free workshop for parents and caregivers 

Parents and caregivers often ask themselves whether their child’s behaviors are typical for their age or a cause for concern. This workshop will examine typical child and teen developmental stages and warning signs at each stage that may indicate the child may be struggling with a mental health problem.  The presenter will discuss:

  • Common mental health disorders;
  • Biological and environmental risk factors for developing mental health disorders;
  • Positive interventions and strategies to help your children with stress reduction, coping skills and reducing symptoms to foster resilience and positive mental health;
  • Resources to help find services;
  • Crisis interventions and suicide prevention.
* Childcare is not provided. A certificate of attendance will be available for parents and caregivers. Continuing education credits are not available for professionals

The presenter, Deborah Cavitt, is a project director for the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH), a non-profit organization providing education and family coaching services for parents and professionals. Deborah works with schools, children, parents, and professionals to educate and advocate to increase understanding and reduce stigma related to children’s mental health. She has a master’s degree in human services and a bachelor’s degree in education. Before joining MACMH, she taught for over twenty years, mainly on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Northern MN. She has also worked as a substance abuse prevention specialist. Deborah is the parent of two young adults who have experienced the challenges of living with serious mental heath disorders. Because of her journey, she is personally invested in helping families as they navigate the systems of children’s mental health care.

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