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Expires September 8, 2023: Introduction to Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems (CSMHS)

In this interactive presentation, participants will learn about the Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems (CSMHS) framework as a way to support student mental health. They will learn about the current efforts of the Minnesota Department of Education in this area, examples of local implementation, and tools to support this work. Finally, participants will reflect on how their school or district can advance systemic support of student mental wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define comprehensive school mental health systems (CSMHS) and its six core features
  • Recognize how the SHAPE (School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation) System can help schools & districts improve their CSMHS
  • Describe three reasons why CSMHS are important

Emily Denight Kelly, MPH, CHES, Project AWARE Lead Trainer & Laura Lyman, MSW, LICSW, COMPASS School Climate & Mental Health Specialist – Minnesota Department of Education

Level: Basic | Audience: Education Professionals, Counselors, School Psychologist, Social Worker, School Admin

Recorded Webinar | 2 CEH | $30

Expires September 10, 2023:  Karen Culture Presentation 

This presentation will explore the history, background and culture of the Karen community in Minnesota, including the refugee experience and issues and barriers related to services. General information about mental health problems and substance use among youth and adults in Minnesota will also be discussed.

 Learning Objectives:

  • To become familiar with Karen people
  • Awareness of barriers
  • To become familiar with resources for Karen clients

Ner Mu, Youth Health Educator & Hsa Hser Ku, Community Health Educator – Karen Organization of Minnesota

Level: Basic | For: Health Care Professionals and Mental Health Professionals | Ages Address: Youth and Adults 

This training is approved for: 2 hours of Cultural Competence Content

Recorded Webinar | 2 CEH | $30

Expires September 16, 2023:  Adoptive Youth and Parents in Therapy: Wisdom and Skills for Respectful Practice

Therapy for adoptive children and their parents is not generic. It takes specific knowledge of and sensitivity to the lived challenge of being an adopted person in Minnesota. This workshop is a three -part dialogue about:

a) what makes adoption mental health unique

b) clinical decisions in specific case examples

c) what modalities to use and when.

Our dialogue will highlight how to navigate relational expectations through developmental stages; address grief and loss that both child and adult face in forming family; work with differences in class, culture, race, and mismatch of expectations; build emotional safety; move through attachment rupture and repair; and finally when and how to “talk about” adoption and identity as youth claim their own while remaining loyal to many. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to identify unique/specialized aspects, clinical themes of adoption focused therapy and how to work with these
  • Participants will understand the reasoning behind use of various therapeutic modalities
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the unique aspects of use of self in adoption specific therapy in supporting relational repair, identity development, cultural diversity, trauma reprocessing and felt sense of safety

Krista Nelson, LICSW, LMFT & Wendy Baker, MSW, LICSW, Practice Co Owners, Consultants and Psychotherapists – Family Circle Counseling

Level: Advance | For: Mental Health Professionals, with Family Members, Educational and Social Service Professionals and Students welcome to participate |Ages Address: Preschool to Adolescent 

This training is approved for: 1 hour of Cultural Competence and is anticipated to be approved for 3 hours of Clinical Content

Live Webinar | 3 CEH | $45

Expires September 18, 2023: Providing Mental Health Services to Sub-Saharan African Families & Refugee Families in the United States of America

People from sub-Saharan Africa throughout the world suffer from certain universal mental health disorders. What differs is the nature of their symptoms and the way these disorders are expressed. Providers need to see mental health disorders through the eyes of African cultural perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to identify three sources of stress that many African immigrants and refugees experience that affect their mental health.
  • Identify five components of culturally responsive assessment strategies of African migrants and refugees’ mental health disorders.
  • Identify three ways in which immigration processes affect the mental health of African immigrants and refugees in the United States of America.

Dr. Richard Oni & Dr. Tolulope Ola, Executive Directors – Progressive Individual Resources & Restoration for All Inc.

Level: Intermediate | For: Everyone | Ages Address: 18 and Above

This training is approved for: 2 hours of Cultural Competence, 2 hours of Ethics, and is anticipated to be approved for 2 hours of Clinical Content

Live Webinar | 2 CEH | $30

Expires September 30, 2023: Key Warning Signs of Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention Best Practices in Children and Youth

Key Warning Signs of Early Onset Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention Best Practices meets the state requirements for educator relicensure. Attendees will learn strategies, interventions, accommodations and modifications to help students flourish emotionally and socially in school settings and in the community. The presenter will describe signs and symptoms of mental illness in children and youth, including developmental differences from infant and early childhood through transition age youth. Resources will be shared to help educators, families and other professionals connect children and youth with appropriate levels of care when needed. A comprehensive school wide toolkit for prevention, intervention and postvention of suicide will be discussed and shared with participants. 

Deborah Cavitt, MS, Project Director – Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health

Level: Basic | For: Educators, parents/caregivers, other professionals working directly with children and youth | Ages addressed: prenatal through young adult

Live Webinar | 3 CEH | $45

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