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Expires October 22nd: Suicide Prevention and Intervention In the Schools

This presentation will cover suicide statistics, definitions, risk factors, warning signs, identification at school, effective and ineffective techniques, student referrals and confidentiality.

Dr. Jazlynn Paige, PhD, NCSP, School Psychologist, Founder – Paige Psychological Consulting

Level: Basic | For: Teacher, Paraprofessionals, Special Education Teachers, Educators, School Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Parents | Ages Addressed: K- 12th grade, 5-18 years old

Recorded Webinar | 2 CEHs | $30

After a Suicide Death: Hope and Healing

Grief after a suicide is complicated and is too often unsupported. This session will focus on the definition of suicide, some statistics, reasons people die by suicide, the experience of a survivor, religious views about suicide, and how to support suicide survivors.

Marc A. Markell, PhD, MS, CT, Professor  – St. Cloud State University & Instructor – Worsham College of Mortuary Science, University of St. Thomas, and Gyeongin National University of Education

Level: Basic & Intermediate | For: Parents, Psychologists, Social workers, Therapists | Ages Addressed: Children, Adolescents & Adults | Ethical Content Included

Live Webinar | 2 CEHs | $30

Culturally-Responsive Mental Health Services for the Hmong Population

This presentation will start with an experiential reflection into what culturally-responsive mental health services might look like. It will further address specific elements of Hmong mental health through a holistic lens, highlighting how this impacts Hmong children and teenagers. Difficult mental health topics, such as physical and sexual abuse, will be discussed. Practical tips for working with Hmong families will be provided.

Dr. Alyssa Kaying Vang, PsyD, LP, BC-TMH, Clinical Psychologist - Vanguard Mental Health and Wellness Clinic, LLC

Level: Intermediate | For: Individuals interested in Hmong mental health | Ages Addressed: All Ages | Clinical Content Included & Cultural Competency Included

Live Webinar | 3 CEHs | $45

Working with Challenging Parents

When teachers experience challenging situations with parents, their responses can become defensive, dismissive or divisive. This often causes situations to get worse. This workshop will give teachers the skills to communicate with parents in a confident manner that builds relationships. Designed for general/special education teachers, administrators and university instructors, this session will create a collaborative community between schools and parents to best help the child.

Jon Halpern, MA & Jeff Fink, MA - ChildSense

Level: Basic | For: Designed for general/special education teachers, administrators, and university instructors | Ages Addressed: Educators working with parents of PK-12 students

Live Webinar | 3 CEHs | $45

Supporting Indigenous Children and Families: Understanding Risk and Resilience in Cultural, Community and Historical Context and Implications for Practice

This workshop will provide a broad overview of the Indigenous population in the U.S. with a focus on the historical, cultural and community factors that shape young children’s development. The workshop will help participants develop a deeper understanding of the risks to development that derive from historical and structural inequalities prevalent in many tribal communities as well as the sources of resilience that derive from the rich cultural beliefs, practices and extended family relationships that are also prevalent. This workshop is intended for participants with a range of experience working with Indigenous children and families, including participants who may have had little experience to date. Suggestions for practices that support Indigenous children and families will be shared, along with opportunities for discussion.

Susan Beaulieu, Independent Consultant - NDN Collective

Level: Basic | For: Participants with a range of experience working with Indigenous children and families, including participants who may have had little experience to date | Ages Addressed: Birth to Adulthood | Cultural Competency Included

Live Webinar | 2 CEHs | $30

Breathe Well, Stress Less

The breath. It is the first and last thing we use in this world, and it never leaves our side. 

It’s also either hurting or helping us at all times. In our fast-paced world, many people are over-breathing, mouth breathing, breathing too fast and sometimes flat out just breathing wrong. Research is evident on the importance of breath and its impact on physiology and biochemistry. Yet the breath is so often overlooked when it comes to our health.  

We breathe over 20,000 times a day, but most of us breathe in a way that increases stress and anxiety. Our nervous system hasn’t caught up to the modern world and is working overtime to protect us. The ability to influence your nervous system response is the root of breathwork. This presentation will first show you how to use the breath to modulate the nervous system, boost self-regulation and resilience, and then teach it to children. 

Breathing is an evidence-based, natural, cost-effective and drug-free alternative to modifying mood and emotional state — the only proven real-time tool to shift from stress to calm in minutes. The breathing and stress connection is why we need to start paying attention to HOW we breathe. We breathe automatically, but we also can breathe on purpose to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, enhance sleep quality and boost immunity.

In this workshop, participants will discover the power of the breath and why breathing is the cornerstone of stress management and self-regulation. We will explore breathing mechanics (the how) and psychology of breathing (the why) and its impact on wellbeing.

Don’t just breathe to survive; learn how to breathe to thrive!

Stephanie Esser, MAEd, RYT200, Level 2 BREATHE™ Coach, Founder/Owner & Breathing Coach – Balancing Elephants, Inc.

Level: Basic | For: Parents, teachers, therapists, and caregivers | Ages Addressed: ages 5 and up

Live Webinar | 3 CEHs | $45

Healing for the Helpers

In this workshop participants will get an opportunity to process the impact of toxic stress (work related, professional, personal) and learn strategies for processing their own responses to stress.

Session participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • The types of stress
  • Learn strategies for managing stress in self and others
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of stress
  • Create a compassion care/self-care plan
  • Opportunity to assess their level of stress and potential burnout

 Kamyala Howard, MSW, LCSW, President and Lead Consultant - WE’RE DIVINE LLC

Level: Basic | For: Professional and or caregivers working with: communities impacted by adversity, youth, parents and other caregivers. Mental health professionals, child development professionals, teachers/educators, any individual working within or exposed to a potentially stressful environment | Ages Address: Everyone

Live Webinar | 2 CEHs | $30

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