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2024 Steve Tarani Class

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Cost for Steve Tarani training is $375. Please check the box below for the 2024 class: *
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Credential Policy


I declare that the above information is true and that I am not a felon, and that I am eligible to receive this training. I am in sufficient health to attend and participate in the training class. Furthermore, I do realize that there is a possibility of injury in undergoing this training and I as well as all of my heirs and assigns will hold harmless the agency, instructors and all persons employed or associated with Boone County Sheriff's Office for any injury or loss sustained now or later that may be a result of the training class or any other activity on the property of the Boone County Sheriff's Office or any equipment furnished or sold by the Boone County Sheriff's Office.
I have carefully read this waiver: *

Emergency Contact


A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $75 is required to reserve your seat in the class payable to: 
Boone County Sheriff's Office
Attention:  Firearms Training
1905 Indianapolis Avenue
Lebanon, IN 46052
  Full payment is required 3 weeks prior to class date.  Failure to pay will result in losing your spot in the class. 
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