Film/Video Application

Coverage    Limit    D/A
Negative    $GPC of Production    None
Faulty    $GPC of Production    $5,000
Props, Sets & Wardrobe    $50,000    $500
Miscellaneous Equipment RC    $500,000    $2,500
Extra Expense    $100,000    $1,500
Third Party Property    $250,000    $1,000
CGL    $1,000,000/$2,000,000/$1,000,000    None
NOHA Liability    $1,000,000    Non
The limits and pricing of this program conemplate no stunts or other hazardous activities, no pyrotechnics, no aircraft, no watercraft, no animals an no foreign exposure. (Domestic- U.S. & Canada). Any involvement in the above requires no prior written notification and underwriting consideration by us; appropriate additional premiums will be assessed.

**Please note: Policy Excludes Deferments & All Premiums Must Be Paid Prior To Inception/Binding.**