Homeowners, Condo & Renters Checklist

To assist us in conducting an Annual Review, we have prepared the following form.  It should take about 15 minutes to complete.  Once we have reviewed, we will get back to you with any coverage recommendations or available discounts.

Acknowledgement of Insurance Review

Please select from below: *
1. Has any of your contact information recently changed (phone number, email)?
2. Are you aware that you are not covered for Flood & Earthquake?
3. Is your home currently vacant or for sale?
4. Is any of your property owned by a Trust or LLC?
5. Has your marital status changed?
6. Do you own any rented or vacant property, second home, or farmland that is not insured by Fish-Johnson?
7. Have you aded, paid off, or refinanced any mortgage?
8. Have you recently added any detached structures (garage, gazebo, shed)?
9. Do you rent out any part of your home or garage space?
10. Do you ever rent out your home?
11. Have you made any recent improvements to your home (kitchen, bath, deck)?
12. Have you updated your roof, electrical, furnace, or AC in the last 5 years?
13. Does your home have any Smart technology (Home Monitoring/Security System, Water Detection)?
14. Does your home have any smoke, water, or burglar alarms?
15. Is there any business in your home (office, daycare, lessons)?
16. Do you employ any nanny, home cleaners, or dog walkers?
17. Have you made an inventory of your possessions (photo or video)?
18. Do you own expensive items or collectibles (jewelry, fine arts, antiques, firearms, sporting equipment)?
19. Do you own any musical equipment for personal or business use?
20. Do you own tools and equipment used for your work?
21. Do you participate in any sporting tournaments?
22.. Do you operate any model aircraft or drones?
23. Do you own any Utility or Camping trailers not insured by Fish-Johnson?
24. Do you own any boats, snowmobiles, ATV's, or motorcycles?
25. Do you own an outboard motor over 35HP?
26. How would you like for us to communicate any recommendations or discounts available to you regarding this review?
27. Does anyone in the household wear hearing aids?
28. Were you aware that when you refer someone to Fish-Johnson Insurance to quote their insurance, we send you $10? It is our Referral Program, so be sure to have them give us your name when they call for a quote. It is our way of thanking you for referring us to your friends, relatives, and neighbors? *

Request For Additional Products

29. Could Fish-Johnson Insurance offer you a quote on any of the following policies?