Maharishi Jyotish Foundations, Part Two
Course description: https://miu.edu/maharishi-jyotish-part-2
This exciting 12-lesson course, developed by the Brahmananda Saraswati Jyotish Foundation, continues the comprehensive introduction to Maharishi Jyotish begun in Part One of this course.
There are twelve 1.5-hour recorded presentations to view online at your convenience and will be available for one year. These videos are by Maharishi Jyotish Pandits and others, and include rare talks by Maharishi, explaining the connection between individual and cosmic intelligence. Plus three live Zoom sessions will be available in Fall 2024 which you will be invited to join.
Instructor: Dr. Ann Crowell and the Maharishi Jyotish pandits
Prerequisites: If you haven't yet taken Part One of this course, please go to https://miu.edu/maharishi-jyotish to register for Part One.
Please choose one: (Please note that the prerequisite for this course is one of the following, plus completion of Part One.)
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Maharishi Jyotish 12-Lesson Course, Part Two
Maharishi Jyotish 12-Lesson Course, Part Two
Maharishi Jyotish 12-Lesson Course, Part Two - Person #2
Maharishi Jyotish 12-Lesson Course, Part Two
Refund Policy: We offer a full refund to anyone who requests it before starting the third class.
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