International Annual Patient Conference Registration
Thank you for your interest in volunteering during TMA’s International Annual Patient Conference! Volunteer sign-up closes on August 2. 
The on-site volunteer opportunities listed here are available to pre-registered attendees only. Please visit our website to register, and for additional conference information.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include first-time conference buddies, session mic runners, marketers, conference correspondents and bloggers. Please select the volunteer opportunity that interests you the most. In the interest of engaging as many volunteers as possible, no more than two opportunities can be selected.

Description of Volunteer Opportunities

First-time Conference Buddies: Help a TMA newbie have a great experience in Baltimore! Conference mentors are asked to reach out to their assigned mentee by email, in advance of the meeting. A virtual pre-meeting or phone call is strongly suggested. During the conference, mentors are asked to attend at least one meal or session with their buddy. Time commitment is 1 hour prior to the conference, and 1 hour during the conference.

Session Helpers and Mic Runners: Help the conference content exceed expectations! A great opportunity for care partners, who can assist with passing the mic during Q&A. Session helpers may also be asked to complete additional tasks like session evaluations focused on attendee head count and speaker preparation. Time commitment is 1 hour per session.

Conference Bag Stuffers: Help insert programs, handouts, and exhibitor inserts into the official conference tote bags. Bag stuffing will take place on Thursday, September 5, approximately from 1:00-5:00 PM ET. Time commitment is 2-4 hours. 

Marketers and TMA Brand Volunteers: Help TMA increase myositis awareness and elevate our organization's brand! Marketing volunteers will participate in video interviews, take photos with the conference photographer (head shots and small groups), and share testimonials about TMA. Marketers will also support the planning and implementation of World Myositis Day and Interstitial Lung Day observances (which occur later in September). These assets will be used on TMA website, social media, and other campaigns/channels. Time commitment is 1-2 hours.

Conference Correspondents: Help TMA communicate takeaways and highlights from Baltimore! Correspondents will report on their own social media using TMA and conference hash tags, highlighting at least three conference sessions, events, or speakers. To volunteer in this manner, you must have open/public settings on a social profile on at least one platform (Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, or other). Time commitment is 1 hour pre-conference (preparing and planning) and 3-5 hours on-site (creating and posting).

Conference Blog Authors: Help TMA communicate takeaways and highlights from Baltimore! Bloggers will write a first-person perspective about their conference experience. Blogs will be posted on TMA’s website and should be appropriate for a general, patient-oriented readership. While avoiding technical jargon and explaining difficult concepts, the post should not be longer than 500-700 words. Time commitment is 2-4 hours on-site and post-conference.

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By volunteering for the International Annual Patient Conference, you grant The Myositis Association (TMA) and its representatives the right to take photographs, audio and/or video recordings of you during the conference. You authorize TMA to use the photographs, audio recordings, and/or video footage in any manner or media, including but not limited to promotional materials, advertisements, social media, websites, and other marketing communications. Please check here to acknowledge your agreement and understanding. *