Greetings from District 7 PMEA!  As Vice-President it is my pleasure to introduce you to our District 7 PMEA Scholarship Program.  We award a scholarship to five Central PA high school musicians, one from each of our District Festivals (Band, Chorus, Jazz/Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra) and a General Music Scholarship for which participation in a District Festival is not required. Applicants will be considered in all scholarship areas for which they qualify, although they will be eligible to receive a maximum of one scholarship.

Each applicant must be a current Senior and must be planning a career in Music Education. The amount of each scholarship is $750.00 and is based upon musical excellence, participation in your school and community music groups and academic achievement.  For the General Music Scholarship, special consideration shall be given to students who demonstrate a great passion for teaching music, regardless of festival participation. 

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is March 31st and the process must be completed in full to be considered.  All parts of the application must be uploaded or submitted electronically, to Nicholas Curry, District 7 Technology Chair and must be received by March 31, 2017.

Feel free to contact Mr. Curry if you have any question about the application procedure. By all means take the time to apply.  We can’t give away money if no one applies and you might be the most qualified applicant to receive the scholarship.

Good luck to all of you as you finish your high school years and as you prepare for your life as a future music educator. Please remember the positive impact that music has had on your life and continue to support MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS! 

Sam Fisher, PMEA District 7 Vice-President

Before proceeding with this application, please make sure you have all of the following information ready.  You will be able to set up a Log In account so you can save your application and return to it later to finish.

-Instrument/Voice Part and rank for each festival you have attended grades 10-12

--Essay (500 words or less) on the importance of music education and why you want to pursue a career in this field.

-High Quality Digital photo of yourself (senior portrait preferred) - File Upload

-Recommendations from your director and principal; Acceptance letter from college, university, or conservatory for the study of music education; and a copy of your high school transcript  - File Upload (These documents may be e-mailed, but need to be received by March 31st)